Metro Cinema.. Townhall Building

Moray Place, Dunedin ( just up from the Library )



Screening selected films ranging from commercial to arthouse, MetroCinema is a world class cinema using the latest in studio equipment to give you the sharpest picture possible and clear sound for your enjoyment.
Cinema has Updated to the latest in Digital projection. The Metro will be the last cinema in Dunedin to screen off 35mm film commercially daily. Still have 35mm screenings of selected Retro classics during the year

Check out the Metro’s favourite restaruants ..
Enjoy Indian Cuisine…. “CHILI DHABA” located beside “EQINOX RESTARUANT” Forbury Park.
Walking distance from the Metro is the “BLACK DOG CAFE” Princess Street for easy brunch or evening Dinner.
If its a hotel meal best deal in town is at the “LAW COURTS RESTARUANT” Lower Stuwart street