Metro Cinema.. Townhall Building

Moray Place, Dunedin ( just up from the Library )

Admission Rates


• $ 14 after 5pm Including Saturday and Sunday plus public holidays)
• $ 14 (before 5 pm weekdays… Mon to Fri )

NZ SENIOR ADMISSION ( Current Super Gold Card Required )

• $ 12 All weekday movies before 5pm
• $ 12 after 5pm Including Saturday and sunday plus public holidays)

Service Discounts, Military, Police, Nurses

Fire Service ( With Current ID )

• $12 (all screenings)


• MOVIE GIFT CARDS are now accepted at Metro Cinema Dunedin
( )

(example… 2 for one Westpac, Vodaphone, Fly buy and Spark .. )

Bookings can be made by phone to 03 470 1441 or by email to

Ticket reservations by telephone
must be collected at least 20 minutes before
movie commences…. No exceptions.

Patrons at the Metro expect the best.. and at the Metro we expect the best
from our patrons….

Cell phones to be switched OFF in the auditorium… using a cell phone
in the theatre is prohibted and you will be asked to leave…
( if its important and you are on call please talk to cinema manager )

Talking during a movie and causing a nusiance will not be tolerated..

Chewing gum is banned from the theatre premises, cleaning costs will
be billed to offenders..

As a courtesy to fellow patrons, plan on being early…
Once the main feature has commenced late comers will not be admitted..

Metro Management